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Deauther Andromeda

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The Andromeda is an ESP8266 based development board with USB-A and an external SMA antenna.
Because it comes flashed with our latest ESP8266 Deauther V3 firmware, it is also a powerful WiFi research tool!
It's designed for WiFi researchers, ESP8266 developers, pen-testers, and hardware hackers alike.

Please keep in mind that this tool supports 2.4GHz WiFi only!
Tutorials on the Deauther V3 can be found on our Youtube channel and on our Blog.

Because it works over serial command line only, we made our own serial tool called Huhnitor to make accessing it easier.

Be sure to always have an antenna connected when using it, otherwise, you can damage the board!
Don’t use this tool’s features against any other device than your own! It is made for learning and testing. You’re liable for all damage you may cause.