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About us

We make open source security tools with a focus on practical learning. We want to make the entrance into the information security field easy and enjoyable.


Because technology becomes ever more complex and automates more and more of our world, we believe it is important that we not only draw attention to common security issues, but allow people to test, understand and prevent them.


Innovation through collaboration. We develop for and with the information security community.

Open source

We make our software and hardware designs open source to encourange research and share knowledge.

Made in Germany

We design and manufacture our products ourselves to ensure quality, be adaptable and stay independent.

Ethical Hacking

Hacking is about experimenting and learning to overcome a technical problem in a creative way.

Our projects

ESP8266 Deauther

Learn about WiFi security and deauthentication attacks.
Running on an inexpensive ESP8266 WiFi SoC.
WiFi Duck

Wifi Duck

Learn about keystroke injection attacks.
Wi-Fi controlled 'Bad USB'.

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Our partners


Maltronics makes easy to use IT security tools.


Retia is creating educational video content about infosec tools.


Travis Lins' development boards are perfect to tinker around with and support our open source projects.

Our discord community

An international community for those with an interest in technology, electronics and hacking